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Sounders v Chelsea FC Friendly - Gamethread

Tonight's game is about pomp, circumstance, crowds, evangelism and practice. It is not, nor is any friendly about who wins (ok, USA-Mexico is). This Wednesday night's 6:30 PM nationally-televised game between Chelsea FC and the Seattle Sounders FC will be a display of joy and passion. It will be a celebration of soccer history in Seattle that starts with a Roger Davies Golden Scarf ceremony and ends with Roger Levesque saying goodbye from the pitch.

Tactics don't matter. There are no stats that matter in previewing. The referee doesn't matter. This is soccer for pleasure, but played by men who are really good. Watch this game and love what you see. Celebrate the sport, because win or lose, it is merely a friendly and the only one in middle of the season. There is a long pause in the schedule and then a rapid fire couple of weeks with games across three competitions.

The broadcast is on ESPN2 and 97.3 FM at 6:30 PM Pacific.

Pre Match Build-up: Three Questions | Tickets for Home Games

Tactical Keys

  • No Sounders Players Hurt
  • No Chelsea Players Hurt
  • Get Roger Levesque A Goal

How We're Watching
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