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Sounders Women Game Thread

This is for all the marbles today. If the Sounders Women can beat the Pali Blues, they will earn their place in the semi finals. After being beaten by the Pali Blues in their previous two matches against them, the odds are in the favor of the Sounders. If they can get Veronica Perez and Lyndsey Patterson involved early, it can be done. The Sounders have yet to score on Pali this season, but if they stick to their game plan, then it's certainly a winnable match.

You can listen along on as Jon Billings calls the game. You can also watch a video stream courtesy of the Pali Blues on The Sounders would not release their starting lineup early, as Coach Michelle French didn't want to tip her hand. They have been working on a strategy for this match for weeks. I can tell you that Kate Deines will be back on the pitch, as will Kelli Smith. That will help our back line tremendously.

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