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Sounders Centric Power Rankings - Don't Play? Down Votes Follow

Sounders Centric Power Ranking Graph 18
Sounders Centric Power Ranking Graph 18

In the latest edition of the SB Nation MLS power Rankings the Seattle Sounders fell, fairly significantly so for a team that didn't play a league match. To go from an average vote rank of 5.35 to 7 without a game isn't a recognition of the Sounders, but an indication instead that the teams in the third tier (Whitecaps, Dynamo, United, Sounders and Galaxy) are quite similar at this point of the season. Any of these could go on a run and few would be surprised. They could also remain exactly where they are good, but not quite title contenders.

Above Seattle are only two teams in the West by my rankings. Preseason title rivals Real Salt Lake beat on hapless Colorado and bumped them from barely better than the Sounders to clearly better. Because beating a bad team you know??? The San Jose Earthquakes though are still in first and have been for a few weeks. They are the favorites with little to no doubt at this point. It is also notable that there is no West-East split with one conference dominant.

Cascadia rivals are in opposite directions. As the Vancouver Whitecaps rebuild on the fly despite being pretty decent the Southern Cascadia team is struggling. The Portland Timbers managed a feat that only Toronto FC managed this season with a complete vote for horrid.

Playoffs by Power Ranking
West East
Quakes Red Bull
RSL Sporks
Whitecaps Dynamo
Sounders United
Galaxy Fire

My Rankings

  1. 'Quakes
  2. Red Bull
  3. Sporks
  4. United
  5. RSL
  6. Sounders
  7. Whitecaps
  8. Fire
  9. Dynamo
  10. Galaxy
  11. Revs
  12. Crew
  13. Rapids
  14. Goats
  15. Impact
  16. Lawsuits
  17. Reds
  18. Hyndman
  19. Wilkinson

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