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Thank You: A US Open Cup Letter to Seattle Sounders FC

Thank you, from us to you. Or from us to us... (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
Thank you, from us to you. Or from us to us... (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
Getty Images

I just want to take a moment and thank everyone in the Sounders organization for the incredible gift you have given Seattle. 17-0-2 over four years in a single elimination tournament has been an incredible journey for your fans. And as painful as the final result was on Wednesday night, it does not diminish or tarnish your amazing accomplishment as a team. Every moment of those four years is a bright and shiny memory tucked away in our hearts.

I follow this team closely, but rarely am I able to attend the games in person. I've only attended 6 games. But I was at both of Seattle's home USOC Finals. In fact the Columbus Final in 2010 was the first game that I was ever able to attend. I can still see Sanna Nyassi bury his goals if I close my eyes. The 2011 final was my wife's first game. Osvaldo Alonso's darting run through the Chicago Fire defense is my favorite Sounders memory. Standing with my wife and best friends, letting the sound and splendor wash over us as the stadium erupted defies description. It is a feeling that many fans never get to experience. Yet, your performance created that opportunity for tens of thousands of Seattlites.

Some days the other team wins. Such is the nature of sports. But because of your efforts, your fans win every day. We get to follow a class organization and get a glimpse of what is possible. We witnessed history in your incredible run of play. We see the banners in our stadium. You made those memories a trophy we all can experience.

Thank you,

Abbott Smith

Sounder at Heart

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