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Could All Clubs Interested In Fredy Montero Enter Line "A" Please?

Fredy Montero - Photo Courtesy <a href="" target="new">Jane G Photo</a>
Fredy Montero - Photo Courtesy Jane G Photo

Look, we know you want Fredy Montero. It's been pretty clear. You Russian clubs, you Turkish clubs, you Dutch clubs, you English clubs and you Spanish clubs all want Montero. I just have a little request. Enter Line "A" all at once. None of this on again, off again stuff. Step up and bid, because Seattle wants Fredy Montero too. The latest interest is from Spain's Espanyol (you're familiar with them because they have financial issues and there's the old Joan Verdu rumor). They want Montero. They want him because he'd be their cheap buy, rather than their target that is clearly priced over 8 Million Dollars.

Here's the thing. Seattle isn't deep at forward and they clearly don't need more money. They are still in the hunt for a trophy, or maybe two depending on tonight's game. There is absolutely no way Seattle wins an MLS Cup without a player of Montero's caliber or greater up top. And the window is closed here in the USA.

It's not going to happen right now. It could happen this winter. So if you want Montero. Get in line. You've got a good chance then, after a trophy and at a time when Hanauer & co. stand a chance of finding a replacement. But you'll also be bidding against each other, because this Montero kid is wanted. He's kind of special at the MLS level, a regular All Star and a threat to hit 20/10 in all competitions in any year. Bid it up this winter. One of you clubs scattered around Europe can have him then.

Right now, we've got trophies on our minds and Montero is a part of that. Thanks though.

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