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Sounders v Caledonia AIA in Champions League - Gamethread

This is one of those games that is hard to scout. Not many know anything about Caledonia AIA, those that do work for soccer teams or agencies. The good news is that the Seattle Sounders have plenty of contacts. They also clearly did their prep. For the fan, this game features an opponent that tries to bring the ball up the field on the ground and is willing to play a high pace game.

Still, the Sounders can't start slow. Every moment that is tied is essentially a win for the underdog. Seattle needs to get on the board quickly. They need to feed the crowd, which though low for Seattle, will be bigger than Caledonia has ever seen. But, they need to do it in a way that is tactically sound. If players leave space that they are expected to use Caledonia is capable of taking advantage.

If there's one thing Cordell Cato might be a symbol of (and other young T&T trialists) it's that the players are generally quick, on-ball types. The Sounders will have the physical advantage, the talent advantage, the home field advantage and early in this game they need to act like it. Establish their dominance quickly and then win, by a lot. In the current version of the CONCACAF Champions League goal differential helps determine who faces who in the knockout round. The goal is simple - win the 2012-13 version of the CCL and go to Morocco to represent Seattle, MLS and CONCACAF at the Club World Cup in December of 2013.

The broadcast is on FoxSoccer (Rogondino/Sullivan) and 97.3 FM (Beuning/Graham) at 7:00 PM Pacific.

Referee: Stanley Lancaster

Referee's Assistants: Dion Inniss and Ramon Luisville

Fourth official: Rudolph Angela

Tactical Keys

  • Quick Start
  • Be Better
  • Tactically Sound

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