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Sounders Centric Power Rankings - Rivals Falling

Sounders Centric Power Rankings 22
Sounders Centric Power Rankings 22

In the two weeks since the Sounders Centric Power Rankings graph there hasn't been much movement. You can see a bit of up and down for most of the teams, except in the case of Real Salt Lake. The one time darlings of the SB Nation MLS Power Rankings are now ranked just 6th overall and are in middle of their second multi-week slide of the 2012 season. For all the struggles that the Seattle Sounders had in the middle third of the season they have not lost back-to-back league games in 517 days (that's the longest in MLS history ignoring San Jose's odd two year break in action).

Seattle's last two losses are to the top two teams, but only one was in league play. San Jose is still number one, but Sporting Kansas City earned a vote for the top spot. Still, the top tier is widening as there are six teams getting ranked first or second. The preseason favorite to be number one is an LA Galaxy team that is just entering the Playoff picture as much because the Rapids, Goats and Dallas have all struggled as because of the quality of the team. While LA is capable of special nights, they are unable to sustain great results.

As the Vancouver Whitecaps did their midseason rebuild they have not fallen far. Nor have they advanced. Instead it would seem their hope is to change the type of team they are to be better in the short season and ride out the regular one. The Portland Timbers just are. While they no longer get 100% of the votes for 19, they also aren't really a threat to make a run. Are they still this bad? Sure, but mainly because teams like Montreal and Dallas are going on winning streaks, while the Timbers go on streaks of losing respectably.

Seattle is getting votes between two and six. Local voters list them at 3, 3, 4, and 4. That averages a full point higher than the SBN average, but none of the locals were the highest votes for the Sounders.

Playoffs by Power Ranking
West East
Quakes Sporks
Sounders Red Bulls
RSL Dynamo
Whitecaps Fire
Galaxy United

Dave's Rankings

  1. Quakes
  2. Dynamo
  3. Sounders
  4. Sporks
  5. United
  6. Red Bulls
  7. RSL
  8. Fire
  9. Galaxy
  10. Whitecaps
  11. Crew
  12. Impact
  13. Union
  14. Revs
  15. Goats
  16. Rapids
  17. Reds
  18. Toros (this probably isn't fair)
  19. Gavin

Upon a rethought Dallas could be as high as 13 right now. Some even have them 10th.

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