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BeIN Sport Nabs Road USMNT World Cup Qualifiers

The news is pretty simple in that headline. The new international sports network is going to have the road qualifiers, as opposed to the mish-mash of pay-per-view, ESPN3, mun2, etc. They did not get the rights to the USA at Mexico, but the rest of qualifiers will be on BeIN Sport. That's pretty neat. Just a few years ago you had to go to bars and pay cover charges. Now, if you have Direct TV or Dish you can get BeIN Sport. If you have cable you are in the same situation you've always been, for now, and it looks like it's really just a matter of time.

If you aren't on Comcast, or want to help push your provider BeIN provides this fine link to help you.

In the end, just like the US Open Cup being on GolTV this means that another entity feels that providing Americans with soccer on TV can make them money. This is a bit bigger of a deal though. Similar to the power that FSC, ESPN and NBC Sports Net have due to their parent companies, BeIN has a global mega media corporation backing it and it's one that is making a play for a lot of sports and a lot of soccer. Al Jazeera Sport has the rights to a lot of soccer and some international basketball, track & field and other programs.

There is a short list of global news/sports brands - BBC, NBC, ABC/ESPN and Fox/Sky. Al Jazeera wants to add to that list and not just through what they do with their Arabic language programming, but they have a large English language news department and a dramatically expanding English language sports package.

We live in interesting times. Times so interesting that a broadcasting company based out of Qatar thinks that showing you the United States National Team matches in Jamaica makes business sense. It is an era of micro-access, where the margins can be quite narrow. It is an opportunity for the niche to be valuable. That's what this all means. It also means that you have better and more access to the sport you love than you have ever had before.

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