Brad Evans narrowly escapes the business end of a "Flying Death BoomBoom." (Animated)

One has to wonder if Seattle Sounders FC 's Brad Evans had his life flash before his eyes after he scored against Chivas USA over the weekend. After a lung busting run to get on the end of a beautiful through ball, B-Rad placed a shot past goalie Dan Kennedy to open his MLS goal account for this season. Not exactly known for scoring in bunches you automatically have to give Brad a pass on his seemingly pedestrian attempt at a goal celebration -- something that Eddie Johnson may have picked up on and decided to take into his own hands. Very excited for him, Eddie did the only thing a teammate should do in that situation -- attempt a flying leap/MMA punch into his face -- a moment that you can see that Brad clearly enjoyed. The Sounders would eventually score five more goals in a 6-2 rout. I'm happy to report that none of the other goal scorers received "Flying Death BoomBooms" from EJ.



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