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United States Women vs Canada Olympics Semifinal- Gamethread

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The US Women face Canada in the Semi Finals of the 2012 London Olympics today at 11:45 AM Pacifc on NBC Sports Network (Comcast 626, 603 on DirectTV). The United States has come under scrutiny for the Canadian's claim that their set piece defense is illegal, which is just a precursor to the excuses issued for yet another Canadian loss to the US. Canada plays just as rough as the USA, and in fact had 11 fouls and 1 yellow card in their match against Great Britain. The Canadians are ranked 7th by FIFA, the US is ranked number 1. The winner of the match will face Japan in the gold medal match on August 9th at 11:45am PST.

The previous matches against Canada have been tough, typically 2-1 victories for the US. The Canadians have been showing fairly well in this competition, including their 2-0 victory over Great Britain in their quarter final match. Tancredi and Sinclair are still the most dangerous players to watch on the Canadian side. If the US can keep Sinclair out of the match, then their chances are good to move on to the gold medal match.