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Dave's Prediction

Since I nailed the result in the US Open Cup Semifinal on two podcasts and here (it helps when you say the same thing each time) people are asking for a prediction. I don't give predictions often. I didn't on Around the League nor on Feuerstein's Fire this week. Nothing more than a simple "I expect victory and several goals."

I could analyze numbers. The Seattle Sounders are dominant in the Open Cup. Their success in the Open Cup helped them to an all comps while in MLS record of 77 wins, 42 losses, 38 ties with a +63 goal differential. In just the Open Cup the Sounders FC are +32 goals in 18 games according to the team release. Sporting Kansas City has a great defense in both league and Cup action. Both teams have several players capable of taking over games, both on offense and in defense. Both have passionate fanbases. One has a soccer specific stadium. The other has an even larger built for soccer from day one stadium.

The data is a hard guide. I need to use another guide for this. Quite frankly, I think this game comes down to which side has better memes/nicknames. And for that reason the advantage is clearly SE4TTLE by a score of 4-2. Here the Sounders have the GAM, the Honey Badger, the Cerebus and of course SE4TTLE. Sporting has Heart Shaped Hands and Paint The Wall. Which of those screams championship? Which says you should go down in history. Which says you are capable of shaping history?

It's that simple. Four goals for Seattle going for Four. Two goals for Sporting because they won't matter.

Or not.

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