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Changes Coming To Sounder At Heart - A Tale In Three Parts | Part Two: The Partnership

SaH Logo Under SBN United
SaH Logo Under SBN United

While the rest of SB Nation works towards moving to SB Nation United something a bit different is also happening with Sounder at Heart. You saw Part One with the logo and Part Three with SB Nation United is pretty dang huge. When people wondered if SaH would maintain it's individual flavor through the process that should be answered today. As of today I am writing two articles a week for Sounders FC. In some ways it is similar to what various SBN writers do at and elsewhere as they freelance.

There are significant differences though. Check out the article launching a series called #WeAreSoundersFC and see exactly how different it is. It is more than just my writing and byline there. It is a fairly unique relationship in sports media.

Sounder at Heart is still independent of the team, but you'll see the twitter feed over there, the logo and an RSS feed as it populates. My writing there is subject to the approval of their content team. It's going to be similar in voice to what you've seen here (and will be FanShotted). It will supplement but not replace content at, not replace what their staff already does.

As part of this I resigned from the Alliance Council. If you follow my personal twitter you already know that. The Council has two requirements that took effect due to this relationship; 1) when applying for a position with the Club the whole Council must know & 2) if you are being paid by the Club you can no longer serve. But, I will clearly still keep in touch with what the Council does. It is an essential part of why Sounders FC is more than a typical American sports franchise. We have a voice. We are Sounders FC.

I'm certain you have questions about this. Most I will be able to answer.

Most importantly I can assure that this community is something special and unique in American sports. As I said only a couple weeks ago, it is about you. Your dedication to what we are and how we do it helped make this possible. Thank you and welcome to Part Two.

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