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Sounders Centric Power Rankings - Movement During Light Week

Sounders Centric Power Rankings 25
Sounders Centric Power Rankings 25

Most teams did not play over the past week due to the international break which MLS mostly respected. In the past a team that didn't play stayed stable, while those that won would move past them. The past is gone. Sporting Kansas City took a tiny step up while the Seattle Sounders took a tiny step down in the SB Nation MLS Power Rankings. The two are still essentially tied for second best, but it is an odd movement.

Both only receive rankings between two and four. Local rankers are evenly split with two placing Seattle higher than KC and the other two the opposite. New York Red Bulls are the only other team to get a vote as high as third. San Jose is of course still first and again a unanimous number one.

Real Salt Lake and the LA Galaxy stayed stable. Both have significant questions. Salt Lake's are generally around depth. When injuries hit their defense they don't have the backups capable of holding their own for now. The Galaxy are just enigmatic. Still as talented as any team in the league the dropped points early in the season are one impact, still they are the best team over the last 10 matches (2 points ahead of Sounders and Impact).

The Portland Timbers still can't win on the road and their loss was to one of only three teams with worse records in the last 10 matches. Some don't think they are the worst in the league, which is fine. The Timbers will just have to settle for being one of the worst. Up North, the Vancouver Whitecaps are doing their best to get out of the playoffs race. They've done that by being worse than the Timbers over the past 10 games.

Playoffs by Power Ranking
West East
Quakes Sporks
Sounders Red Bulls
RSL Dynamo
Galaxy Fire
Whitecaps Crew

Dave's Power Rankings

  1. Quakes - Until they lose a few games in a row they won't fall
  2. Sounders - Getting better as the season rolls on
  3. Sporks - Injury troubles in their front three should lead to a future fall
  4. Red Bulls - One of two teams without a loss at home
  5. Dynamo - The other
  6. Fire - Overlooked, but a strong defense that's getting overlooked
  7. RSL - In good health and on rest they can beat anyone
  8. Galaxy - If they reach their peak over the next 3+ months those preseason predictions will end the season true
  9. United - Late stumbles could mean they are the best team to miss the Playoffs - ever
  10. Crew - United's fall and the stunning forward combination should be Columbus in the second season
  11. Toros - Their four best players are as good as any best four in the league
  12. Whitecaps - Current form means they deserve the Playoffs less than any above them
  13. Impact - The most average team in MLS this year. Good for an expansion side
  14. Revs - Probably rating them on talent more than performance
  15. Union - Slow, down stagnant soccer with rare goals by either team
  16. Goats - From a marginal Playoff team they've rushed towards a great draft pick
  17. Rapids - Is there a team with more inappropriate talent for their system?
  18. Reds - Will all that practice at picking top draft picks pay off?
  19. Black Locust Tree - Is their fitness damaged by playing at home on too small of a pitch?

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