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Sounders Centric Power Rankings - Falling Waters

Sounders Centric Power Rankings 26
Sounders Centric Power Rankings 26

If you are tiring of the San Jose Earthquakes being at the top of the SB Nation MLS Power Rankings you aren't alone. You are also quite likely to be tired for a long time. The 'Quakes, like the Sounders, haven't lost back-to-back games this year. On top of that they have one of the best offenses in MLS history, pacing for 70 or so goals. The broad battle for the second spot is where the action is and it is getting more frantic.

As the run-in gets shorter more teams have entered that #2 space, joining Seattle and KC with second place votes are New York, Chicago and LA. The Galaxy aren't averaging a strong spot at a mere 6.47, but they've passed Real Salt Lake's 6.67. The Sounder and Sporks are even again. Now with a 2.87 average for both sides it is more a case of other teams also looking good than one of those looking poor. Local based rankers have them tied still again with an even split of twos and threes.

The Portland Timbers home come-from-behind draw earned them a bit of a respect. They shot all the way up to 16.87. That is their highest ranking in three months. They are still tied for second worst average, but similar to the top the bottom of the rankings are getting broad with six teams garnering a ranking of 18 or 19 by at least one voter. Seattle's next Cascadia Cup opponent has fallen out of the Playoffs by Power Ranking. Vancouver Whitecaps FC aren't just in a slide they are rushing down from their place in the hills and about to reach sea level. What was once a great season is now ranked lower than they were at any point since week one - WEEK ONE.

Playoffs by Power Ranking
West East
Quakes Sporks
Sounders Red Bulls
Galaxy Fire
RSL Dynamo
Toros Crew

Dave's Rankings

  1. 'Quakes - I'm tired of it too, but this is nearing one of the best performances in MLS history
  2. Sounders - There are reasons to doubt, but that is also true for a swath of teams.
  3. Sporks - Their schedule is about to either end their chance at greatness or push them to the top of the East.
  4. Red Bull - Harrison as a fortress may seem odd, but it is true.
  5. Fire - Their Flaco powered offense has them tied for most wins in the last 10 matches.
  6. Galaxy - The other side with seven wins in their last 10. Will the potent club putter out again?
  7. Dynamo - Strong set-play defense, strong set-play offense and the other team without a loss at home.
  8. RSL - Is their era of dominance over?
  9. Crew - Can a team be built around two attacking players and a keeper? Warzycha says yes.
  10. Toros - Julian de Guzman is going to power them to the playoffs just to spite TFC.
  11. United - Losing an MVP caliber player will hurt long term.
  12. Whitecaps - Once powered by Chiumiento, Le Toux and Hassli they are now drug down by Robson, Miller and Richards.
  13. Impact - An average team in year one will need to rebuild quickly with so many past-30s on the roster.
  14. Union - Can't reward them for a road draw against an awful team, but they aren't horrid.
  15. Goats - Still talented, still reason to doubt.
  16. Revs - Just reasons to doubt. One win in last 10. One win on the road.
  17. Timbers - A home draw isn't victory.
  18. Rapids - Would they do better if they never played road games?
  19. Reds - It's not Mariner's fault, nor was it Winter's fault, nor Dasovic's, nor Preki's, nor Cumming's, nor Carver's .. is it time to stop blaming Mo?

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