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Montero Will Buy "10 Copies" Of EA FIFA13

After being selected as one of four MLS players on the cover Fredy Montero is excited to be on the MLS specific cover of EA Sports FIFA13

Steve Dykes - Getty Images

Fredy Montero had yet to see himself on the cover of EA Sports FIFA13, at least by the time he was asked about it at practice. But the Seattle Sounders forward won't be waiting long. Shortly after practice he will be buying the game, actually more than one because he's on the cover.

"I'm going to get like 10 copies to give to my friends and family and keep some," Montero said. "I'm happy for that and thanks to all the fans that voted for me and gave me this big opportunity to be there."

Fredy Montero, who in the past four years went from an unknown in Colombia, through criticism as lazy, to a Golden God producing world class goals as a fringe MVP candidate, is now a household name in American soccer circles. He's on the cover of FIFA13, one of the most popular games in the world. He has his own section, Fred-D, in the Sounders renewal website.

General Manager Adrian Hanauer talked about what the team has done to develop Fredy's brand. The initial response is simple: "I'm not sure we've done anything."

But then he goes on and talks about what Montero has become, "He's obviously one of the best players in the league and a very marketable player, an exciting player and a good personality. He's become acclimated into the community and become a big part of Seattle sports. That's really I guess what's happened. We certainly are happy to trade on that where possible, to use him and continue to help him grow his profile. I think it says a lot about our sport generally in this city and the country that an unknown from Colombia can come in and in a few years be a household name certainly in the soccer circles in this country."

An opening goal of the team in the 12th minute of the first game, MLS36, Felixing, cover of FIFA13... Roll on Colombia, Roll On

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