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Fredy Montero Misses Player Of Month By Single Vote

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In what many Northwesterners probably felt was a lock Fredy Montero did not finish his August run with perfection. His six goals, 1 assist and 3-1-0 record in league matches wasn't enough to earn the Player of the Month award. Instead, Patrice Bernier 3/3/4-0-0 edged past Montero. A single voter changing their mind for first or maybe even for second would have been enough.

Both had eight first place votes. The Impact player had five votes for 2nd to the Sounders' forward's four.

But their months weren't really close. Bernier was held scoreless at New England and against Philly. He also faced San Jose and D.C. at home. Montreal won all of those games. They are are on the fringes of Playoff talk, but merely on the fringes. Two of his three goals were from the penalty spot.

Montero couldn't be stopped even when not starting. He scored five goals on the road. He scored only once at home. The opponents were three Playoff teams and a team that entered the match as the a top 3 defense in the league (that's where Fredy hattricked). The Sounders only earned 9 points in 4 played v Montreal's better perfect 12 pts earned.

Bernier is also a more traditional midflelder. He had some assists (3 to 1). He sits further back on the pitch in a space more Evans-like. He had a good month. He is in a role that generally gets ignored without gaudy numbers. But, there were gaudy numbers put up by another candidate.

Player GP GS G A Min PP90 Team PPM
Montero 4 2 6 1 198 5.91 2.25
Higauin 4 3 3 4 283 3.18 2.00
Bernier 4 4 3 3 360 2.25 3.00
Rosales 4 3 0 6 264 2.05 2.25
Ferreira 5 5 2 4 450 1.60 2.00

The Impact mid has helped a hapless team become meaningful. So do the Columbus Crew. Federico Higuain is working magic in Central Ohio. His set-play goals are Beckham/Montero like. He's helping the team and has invigorated the Crew into an actual, not hopeful, playoff spot.

David Ferreira and Mauro Rosales are both #10s. One works in the middle, the other the wings, but they each are assist men first. They've done exactly what they are expected to do. Dallas is as strong now as they when Ferreira was the MVP. Rosales just earned 6 helpers.

Every player that was mentioned more than once helped their teams to two points or more per game over a 4 game (or more in Dallas' case), but it shouldn't have been close.

Someone put up GAUDY NUMBERS - Big HUGE GLORIOUS NUMBERS. It wasn't just a hattrick. He scored in every match. He is now a contender for the Golden Boot because of one month of greatness. Like Kljestan and Gomez, Sounders fans are left asking "Are you even watching?" The answer seems simple.

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