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2013 MLS SuperDraft: Sounders grade out well

The draft experts have weighed in and the consensus seems to be that the Sounders did no worse than a "B," with a few considering their draft among the best in the league.

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I'm not going to act as if I know a ton about either of the guys the Seattle Sounders drafted. On paper, it sure looks like they have a couple of potential gems in Eriq Zavaleta and Dylan Remick, but I'd be lying if I acted as if I had more than a passing knowledge of either. The good news is that there are a lot of people out there who pay a lot closer attention to the college game than I do, and generally speaking those people really like the Sounders' draft.

Of the four sites I found that graded out the draft, no one thought the Sounders did any worse than a solid "B." There were even a couple observers who thought the Sounders may have gotten the steal of the draft by nabbing Zavaleta at No. 10.

Daniel Robertson of SB Nation gave the Sounders a "B+", which was his third highest grade:

Well done Sigi Schmid. Seizing their opportunity, the Sounders traded up to No. 10 overall, selecting Indiana's Eriq Zavaleta, one of the highest ceiling guys of the whole draft. An absolutely prolific college forward, Zavaleta fell ridiculously far in the draft and Schmid said he sees him as a possibly elite level center back. Wherever he plays, Zavaleta has the skill and smarts to succeed and become a fan favorite. If second round pick Dylan Remick finds a home at outside back, it's just a cherry on top.

Mathew Doyle of considered the Sounders one of three "winners":

Pounced when Eriq Zavaleta fell a few spots further than expected, and now they have their Jeff Parke replacement without using any cap room thanks to the Generation adidas tag. Got solid young depth at left back (always nice) with Dylan Remick in the second round.

Top Drawer Soccer gave the Sounders a solid "B", although four teams had better grades and there were five others with the same grade as the Sounders:

The question remains about where to play Zavaleta at the next level, as the Indiana star feature as a center forward in college but trained with Chivas USA over the summer at center back. Remick is a speedy left back, which should partner well with Homegrown signing DeAndre Yedlin who will lock down right back in the future.

Drew Epperley of WV Hooligan also gave the Sounders a "B," although he gave a lot of B's and had five teams with better grades:

I loved their gutsy call to trade up and get Zavaleta. Is he a center back or is he a forward? Sigi Schmid will now decide. Either way, it was a good pick and a smart move. Remick is a speedy left back that filled a need that the Sounders had to get depth on the outside.

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