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Sounders Training Camp Report: Gallery, Larger Games and chat with Dylan Remick

Day two featured a few different games and drills. It was also a day when photographer Jane G was able to snap some shots of the action.

It was not as cold as yesterday (or the assembled media wore more weather appropriate clothing), but today still had the same thick fog as well as all of the trialists/invitees (or all but one) and the veteran players. There was more fitness work, a few more drills and more games in day two of the Seattle Sounders' 2013 camp. Sounder at Heart's affiliate photographer (Jane G) took the gallery of photos and captured some of the action and players today.

Today's division of players was a bit more random than yesterday's with the trialists and rookies spread on teams with some veterans. The rostered keepers all played in the smaller sided games with a shooting drill taking place on the far field with that team's keeper and Herrick minding the net. When the Sounders moved to a larger game the seasoned vets did some fitness work on the side while younger and/or newer players played on a near full sized field.

With so many new guys to watch, judging all of them would be impossible, but DeAndre Yedlin is showing his speed and ball skills. One burst on a dummied throughball put him yards past the left back. His cross came from a deep angle about 10 yards from goal. The runner didn't expect the ball so it sailed over into the defense. Eriq Zavaleta is playing as a centerback, and with the size of the squads he is often by himself. He's doing just fine.

Dylan Remick was a semi-participant today and Duran was doing work on the side recovering.

"It's a great feeling, almost indescribable just being out here with the guys," Remick told Sounder at Heart. "All these players that have been in MLS and training with them is just a dream come true."

Remick reiterated that the Ivy League's physicality and cerebral nature should help him adapt to MLS and evolve his game. He connected with Cory Gibbs and Jeff Larentowicz about the transition from Ivy Leaguer to MLSer. That shift from one of the better educational institutions to being a potential pro can be a challenge.

"I'm not thinking about that right now. I'm telling myself that there is no fall back so that I'll just go at this at 110 percent and not look back. I think if I used Brown as an excuse then I wouldn't be completely focused during this whole process," Remick explained. "Right now, I'm not thinking about Brown or school at all. I'm 100% committed to this."

Though he does have classes left to finish he has an arrangement with the school about the timing and nature of those general education courses so that he can graduate on time while pursuing the dream of being pro player.

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