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Player Profile: Brad Evans

How good does a player without a position have to be to make the top 10 in the community rankings? Really good. National Team Good.

Jeff Vinnick

Brad Evans started his time with the Seattle Sounders as a right mid, since then he has played everywhere but goalie and left back. This year was the year that he went from being merely role flexible to becoming a beloved, high-quality utility knife. His 2012 is bookended with United States National Team calls.

#7 - Brad Evans
National Affiliation USA Age 27
Years Pro 6 Years Sounder 4
Position Midfielder Role Box2Box, Left/Right Mid, Right Back, Centerback, Forward, Can Opener, Saw
MLS (+Playoff) Stats
Apps Starts Mins G A PP90
33 33 2731 4 5 0.43
Non-League Stats
Apps Starts Mins G A PP90
8 5 569 3 0 0.95
Advanced Stats
Off Pass % Team
Net Shot Rate Team
Net Duel Rate Team
63.7 7th -0.31 15th 0.24 10th

2012 was a tale of two seasons for Brad Evans. Finally healthy again after two seasons hampered by injury, the veteran midfielder began 2012 as the starting Box to Box midfielder in the Sounders Ideal 11. Never flashy, he was the consummate shock absorber who enhanced the offensive and defensive play of the team as a whole. With
the mid season acquisition of Christian Tiffert, Evans became the team’s 12th man. Suddenly Brad Evans found himself playing all over the pitch. And then a funny thing happened; he had his best year ever starting more games and becoming a true threat.

Always a cerebral player, Evans new role as the 12th man allowed his soccer knowledge to shine on the pitch. He became a tactical chameleon, morphing his style of play to the needs of the team and the immediate game at hand. As a left wing, he pressured the flank scoring goals and helping the team unlock opposing defenses. As a RB, he became the intermediate skill set option; a balance of offense and defense. And when things went really sideways, he found himself playing as a CB during Week 33. That week he was named MLS Player of the Week for the first time in his career.

Skills on offense: Brad’s great strength as a player is his mind. He becomes Sigi’s tactical voice on the pitch. He adjusts his style of play to the needs of the team and doesn’t always shine offensively. Historically he was known for his ability to make late runs out of the midfield as a trailing threat. In 2012 he became a more rounded offensive
threat making a couple of stellar scoring runs down the left wing as well. He has good vision, good passing ability and a respectable if not overpowering shot. He has also become the team’s clutch PK specialist. In the past two seasons he is tied for second place in the league on PKs, converting 5 of 5 attempts.

Skills on defense: Brad Evans epitomizes the central concept of the Sounders team approach to defense. He uses his tactical awareness to position himself on the field and then deflects opposing players into less dangerous areas on the pitch allowing his team mates time to adjust to the threat. In 2012 he was asked to play more defensive positions than ever and occasionally there were breakdowns in communication between Brad and
the defensive core of the team when he was asked to play out of position. Even then he was a very respectable option. He is at his best when helping the team transition between defense and offense. He is also one of the best players on the team at controlling aerial threats in the middle of the pitch.

Best Case in 2013: It will be an interesting year for Brad. With the current roster, Evans is no longer in the team’s Ideal 11 if everyone is healthy. Yet he is the first choice alternate for half of the positions on the pitch. He is now truly the team’s 12th man. His salary is fairly expensive, but his versatility justifies the expense. He may get traded as the team moves to become cap compliant. But if he stays with the team he will earn starts and playing time throughout the season in multiple competitions. And his greatest skill, his soccer mind, is the one professional skill that doesn’t deteriorate with age.

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