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Sounders FC attempts to splinter Portland's goalposts are unsuccessful. (Animated)

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How big a difference a couple of inches could've made in Sunday night's Seattle Sounders FC - Portland Timbers rivalry match. The Sounders hatched an early plan to break Portland's goal posts and home win streak but could do neither, as the home side scored the lone goal before halftime on a frustrating night for the visiting side. Lamar Neagle had his header saved by Ricketts and the crossbar. Clint Dempsey and Steve Zakuani both had great looks that were denied by posts on what surely felt like could've been goals. Seattle is still seeking a playoff birth with two matches to go.

Player of the night surely goes to the the goal posts.

Can we get someone with a measuring tape to check the dimensions of those goal frames?

Lamar comes close, Clint comes close, Steve almost steals us a point: