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Scouting Report: What It's About

Just an autumn weekend for watching our town's soccer team


Here's your scouting report. It's a wonderful reminder of why we do this. . why we hitch so much of our joy and misery to a bunch of guys we barely know.

This game isn't about the other team. Their coach is resigning? Bully for them.

This game's about remembering why we love this team. These last couple of weeks have sucked. But in the long view this is a playoff MLS team. Not the best, and never really fit and cohesive enough to look like the best even when the standings said they were. The standings are often a lie. They were when they said we were out of the playoffs. And they were when they said we were about to win the Shield. This is a good team that hasn't found its groove yet, but doesn't need to until the playoffs.

In the meantime we just need some occasional reminders of why we do this. And we need to make the effort to remind ourselves. So enjoy the game this weekend.

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