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Major Link Soccer: You're Talking About Playoffs?

An 7-second goal and the rest of what you missed this weekend

Evans is impressed
Evans is impressed

It's not the best time to be losing four in a row, no doubt about it. But the playoffs are a different animal! Anything can happen! Guys can jump out of wheelchairs to win games! (I'm looking at you Eddie.) Coaches concede! Earthquakes delay entire series! (though not yesterday, amirite?)

The point is, even though time is short, there is still an opportunity for the ship to be righted if it is right now, alright? "It's not over until the fat lady sings" and all that, right? I haven't seen any fat ladies! Just dudes flying in from the deep south who could stand to lose a few pounds.

And honestly, there are worse ways to try to get things right than to play in front of 65,000+ people at Centurylink Field, in a situation where the Sounders have failed in a nice way: failing to lose. Landon Donovan and Robbie Keane will be playing on the dreaded "artificial turf". With one dramatic exception (refund), the Galaxy have not fared well in Seattle. If I recall correctly, their only other victories were a season opener in 2011 and another fluke goal in the 2010 playoffs. Soccer gods willing, one or two of our forwards will be playing, and Osvaldo Alonso too. That all sounds like a delicious recipe for success to me. It is terribly frustrating having two terrific strikers who combined have started 36 times in the Green this year (We average one of them per game!). But when looking at our record despite them, some hope can be found.


Mike Gastineau's recently released "Sounders FC: Authentic Masterpiece has been making waves, ranked fourth among soccer-related books on at the time this was written. Another important entry is "Enduring Spirit: Restoring Women's Professional Soccer to Washington", ranked as high as 8. The author of that one stops by and reads/comments here at SaH. Don't forget about Gastineau's book signing on Tuesday.


If nothing else really went right for the Sounders, they can take solace in the Red Bull's 3-0 victory over Houston. Giving up a goal within 20 seconds is bad, but not as bad as the new record-holder at barely SEVEN. New York is now your SS leader. Things didn't get better for Houston: The loss in Brian Ching's final home game came as every Eastern playoff foe won.


For their own home finale, Kansas City GK Jimmy Nielsen wore these sweet Cauldron-themed gloves and kept a clean sheet.

FC Dallas is saying sayonara to Schellas Hyndman, and believe it will only take a little more than a month to find the Hyndman 2.0.

Last night's "California Clasico" was the feature subject of MLS Insider on Friday. This leads me to believe that MLS Insider will go through every rivalry MLS has in order of relevance. They already covered Cascadia, but what's next? DC-NY?

This offseason will be rife with MLS coaching positions filled by fresh blood. One of the potential new faces is actually an old one: former Columbus Crew star Guillermo Barros Schelotto is called a "realistic" option for US vacancies.

Besides the looming option (threat?) of a fall-summer schedule, the other big Euro-conversion topic is (ALWAYS) promotion and relegation. But when things are as close as they are this year, The Bent Musket wonders if perhaps the purpose of pro-reg has already been filled by that cruel red line. Come join the Parity Party!


Washington's "Futbol" team is way better than their "Football" team, if the rankings have anything to say about it. On Monday those Huskies will host 5th ranked UCLA in a critical matchup. My guess is that tickets are still available.

The New York Cosmos had a chance to (as some would say) live up to their destiny, up on Edmonton in stoppage time with a clinched spot in the Soccer Bowl on the line. Alas, they'll need to wait another week, as a goal slipped by Cosmos keeper Kyle Reynish For a 1-1 final score. They'll have to wait at least another week to clinch their spot in the final.

Check out former Sounder James Riley hanging out with future Sounder Sean Okoli at a recent Wake Forest match.


The US' old friend Ghana went into Egypt and knocked off the American Pharoah by a wide margin, putting Bob Bradley's job at risk.

Our old buddy Fredy Montero is unstoppable right now. He's currently on his second hat-trick with his new Portuguese club. Here's video of each of the goals in that Cup match.

Every once in a while, a ball sneaks through a hole in the net. I've seen it happen in a championship match (NWAACC FTW) but never in a league with as high stakes as the the Bundesliga. Germany is asking for help from FIFA on how to handle a delicate situation involving Leverkusen and Hoffenheim.

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