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Eddie Johnson, Sigi Schmid and fan perception

Our biases get the best of us. It's part of what makes this site what it is. Nearly every author that publishes on the front page is a Sounders fan first and foremost. But when it is Sounder v Sounder we discover other biases.

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Eddie Johnson did not practice today. Sigi Schmid made that call. It was not injury related. It was Sigi & Eddie related. The GAM was upset yesterday at practice (according to Mayers, Seattle Times) and his Instagram account (he quit Twitter but not that) is an example of his self-motivation.

The statements from Sigi about the issue obscure the truth, which isn't a surprise.

(We saw Eddie pretty mad leaving the practice field yesterday. Is his absence 100-percent injury related?) "Eddie's absence today at training was basically my decision."

(How much do you consider this an issue going forward?) "It's not an issue at all because we're focused as a team to do well and to be successful. He's been a big part of our team, so it's just some things that we'll work through."

And then the Sounder TwitterSphere LIT UP. It was fairly divided. Those that want Sigi out or who feel he's losing the locker room took this as proof. Those that remembered Johnson's infamous history in getting along with coaching staffs and his teammates took this as just another example.

I'll admit, I'm one of those. It was my primary concern about the acquisition of a player whose play on the field has far surpassed what anyone thought he could for the team.

That's kind of the point of this post. It is not about the drama between Schmid and Johnson. There's a FanPost that already started that conversation.

With almost no data fans jumped to conclusions. Their biases immediately shaped the story. There was no way any of the actual information out there could mean that this incident showed anything dire about the coach or the forward. Whatever your predisposition was that became the narrative told over social media by the individual.

It was neither fair to the player or the coach. We may never know what really happened and why Sigi didn't let Headdie practice. But we definitely know where fans that commented on the event stand.

In this case in the absence of fact our biases filled in the holes and because facts. We don't have the facts.

Either one could be fully in the right. Both could be fully in the wrong. There's likely a place where both are a little wrong and a little right. No matter where it lies on that spectrum at this point the lack of information let's your lizard brain take over.

It is notable that the team lost a member of their family today. Eddie returned to Twitter to link to his Instagram about that. The attendees at American Football from the team came directly from the rememberance.

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