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Jurgen Klinsmann: MLS players with World Cup aspirations should go on loan

U.S. will hold special December camp for players like Eddie Johnson, Clint Dempsey and Brad Evans if they aren't already planning to go to Europe.


There won't be much of an offseason for the Seattle Sounders' trio of World Cup hopefuls if Jurgen Klinsmann has anything to say about it. The United States manager told that he was expecting all MLS-based potential World Cup players to either go out on loan to a European club or to participate in a special December training camp and then report to the so-called "Camp Cupcake" in January.

"It is very crucial for us that the players understand that everything they do now today has an influence on Brazil 2014 next summer. They can't take it easy. We wish that all of them can make it to the final and win the MLS Cup, but it's only going to happen to a few of them. So, everybody who is maybe out earlier needs to have a plan in place to bridge that offseason period."

There have previously been rumors that Clint Dempsey might go on loan to someplace like Tottenham, Everton or Fulham, but the Sounders have only said that they will deal with that situation in the offseason. This seems to suggest that such a loan is a bit more likely.

As for Evans and Johnson, both have expressed an openness to playing in Europe and a loan would certainly be intriguing. Also potentially complicating their situations is that Evans is out of contract at the end of the year and Johnson has made no secret about his desire to get a raise. Permanent moves to Europe might not be out of the question.

Assuming all three players are back with the Sounders, this at the very least means they'll be joining preseason later than their teammates. Training camp usually starts around mid- to late-January and goes through the first week of March. Last year, Johnson and Evans, who were in the USMNT's national-team camp, didn't join the Sounders until early February.

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