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Open Flavor Friday: Black Friday, Black Beers

Buy stuff, eat stuff! It's Thanksgiving weekend and we're bringing back Open Flavor Fridays.

Sounder at Heart's first ever beer partner - NW Peaks Brewery
Sounder at Heart's first ever beer partner - NW Peaks Brewery

Again, Happy Thanksgiving. Glad that some of you joined us, if not go back and read the Turkey Day post and see some messages from staffers here to you. This post is a little different. It is not soccer related. During the off-season the Open Flavor Fridays post (OFF) will use differing flavor experiences as an opening to talk about the other things that this community tends to like. It's a tradition from back when I didn't write as much, didn't have as much staff and just wanted to share other things. People liked it and I shouldn't have dropped it.

Today's OFF opens with Cascadia Shale Ale by Sounder at Heart and NW Peaks Brewery.

Those that went to the away at Crew watch party or are regulars at either World of Beer - Renton or NW Peaks Brewery probably already enjoyed this Cascadia Pale Ale, or Dark American Imperial Pale Ale (GABF standards). It is actually too hoppy for the GABF as we hit 74 IBUs, but it doesn't taste like it as it as a smooth cocoa finish and leaves your palette wondering - was that an IPA or a Porter?

If you still want to try it NW Peaks has it on tap right now.

What are your favorite dark beers and why?

Also, it's greatest shopping day of the year. Unfortunately the SaH store is slowing down as we are nearly out of production goods. The last time to get those will be at our MLS Cup Final viewing party (all ages). I'm hunting for a new laptop and/or tablet this year. The SaH powering netbook is now 5 years old and starting to show it.

Have fun shopping and eating.

Consider this your weekly non-soccer open thread!

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