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Sounder At Heart Offseason Plan

2013 ended, and yet for some teams in the league it continues. This is what the site will be doing for the next couple months.

Call this a way to keep things a bit organized. Or maybe it's just a thing so you know that we aren't going away (some people seem to disappear during the offseason). But there is a plan. We're going to do some of what we've always done and some new things as well. So here's what we have planned.

Sunday - Sigi Stay and Sigi Out stories. I'm writing both of these, but they will get the looks of an editor. Rather than have advocates for a particular path write we're going to lay out some reasons at the same time. These will be in a StoryStream and further that discussion.

Late Sunday or Early Monday - Ranking Players. Like last year you will be able to rank the players based on their positive impact for the 2013 season. That will last until the end of the week and next Monday we'll start posting player-by-player recaps in reverse order.

Tuesday through Saturday - Yearly Awards. As usual these will be broken down by offensive player, defensive player, young player, moment of the year and Seattle based women's player of the year.

We've got stories in the works analyzing player impact, classifying team styles, and what it means to replace a coach (MLS and in Seattle). We will track player movement, the offseason drafts, the business meeting and the state of the Academy and the alumni. There will be rumor tracking/mongering as well. Of course will continue to follow the MLS Cup Playoffs.

That brings something up - do you want to have a final 2013 watch party to gather as a group of Sounders at Heart? It would be all ages, the rest of the shirts and scarves (and those of you that chose "pick up" could get yours) would be available for purchase and we'd watch a soccer match that we wish we were attending.

Thanks for a great 2013 here at Sounder at Heart, the best sports blog in Western Washington per

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