Are we about to get mercenaried?

It seems as if the data points leading to a SaH article titled "We got mercenaried" are growing by the week.

First AH and Co consistently do not mention, Obafemi Martins, their second higgest player as part of the core of the team despite him being under contract for two more years.

Second, Joe Roth calls out unnamed players for not being committed to the club. He specifically calls out players for jumping around multiple teams in multiple leagues. Dont know the details because I wasn't at the business meeting but it could apply to Oba as much as EJ.

Third, Oba is quoted by an Italian paper saying he wants to return to Europe.

Fourth, he is photographed with a Turkish club transfer committee chair on the sidelines of a transfer conference in London.

Sure, the Sounders would demand a significant transfer fee, but there might be a club out there eager enough to be mercenaried themselves in 2014 as we were in 2013.

One other angle to think about is allocation. What would we need to get for him to bank some funny money? At least a million more than we paid? I honestly don't know but that might be the one upside here.

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