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This week in the comments [December 22nd edition]

The post where we ignore everyone else's advice and read the comments.

EJ if he read this week's comments. Probably.
EJ if he read this week's comments. Probably.

December 16: "Eddie Johnson close to joining D.C. United, report says"

66jzmstr gets on this week's post with local references and good memory. A+

Oba is 2 for 2 in endorsements this year:

1) Kshama Sawant for Seattle City Council


2) "My boy eddie_johnson7 deserves a new contract ASAP. Somebody needs to make that happen."



This entire conversation is intriguing, here is a tidbit by ledjom

I'd like to think that whatever MLS did to help facilitate this

through AM out of nowhere, simply raised the aggregate salary cap of the league. MLS wants DC not to embarrass themselves in CCL, but they also don’t want them to blow all of their AM on one move. Makes DC better overall. MLS doesn’t want Seattle to get short changed because a player turned down a transfer (one they took a risk on that payed off big for the league) that would have netted both Seattle and the league money. It also showed that the league is willing to help players get tot he best situation for them (MLS could have told Eddie to eff off and go to Mexico, but they didn’t, they brokered a deal for him to make him happier, a good sign for other players in the league).

MLS does a lot of stupid shit that isn’t transparent, but in a lot of cases I think the end result is actually good for the league overall. I don’t feel sorry for teams that don’t get "special favors" from MLS cause it just means they’re not trying hard enough. I mean, MLS paid $1m toward the transfer fee of Valeri, which is more than the Timbers share of Dempsey’s transfer fee. Pretty sure that’s a net win for Portland economically.


not a bad citizen? not what I heard.

I heard he makes rolling stops at stop signs frequently.
I heard he waters his lawn on even number days when water restrictions clearly state his household should water on odd numbered days.
I also heard he regularly removes the mattress tags.
I heard he always puts "for sensual massage" in the memo line whenever he writes a personal check, regardless of what it was really for.
I heard he was a Neilsen tester and refused to watch Firefly.
I even heard he downloads music off the inter webs without even paying for it.


the best way to get a raise?

conduct yourself like ozzie alonso.

December 17
: "For Love of Allocation Money"

jupett knows what we need:

Anything on the left

That meets the following criteria:

  • shiny
  • durable
  • fast
  • service-oriented
  • cheap
  • mad skills
  • does not have twitter account
  • distracts enough to free up Yedlin down the right

December 18th
: "Major Link Soccer: Johnson Trade Reaction, Top Goals of the Year"

This comment from Collector needs context, but that message cannot be ignored. Nor can Archer GIFs.

December 18th: "Sounders pick two forwards in Re-Entry Draft"

#Analysis and deep questions by Kyle Ritter

Why so many Chads?

How many are on the team now

December 19th: "Sounders sign Kenny Cooper"


Yedlin has headed a goal in once

I think there’s a position change in his future

December 20th: "Clint Dempsey close to joining Fulham on loan, club confirms"


I'm still wondering what formation Sigi is going to use

The diamond? The ‘arrow?’ The Arsene Wenger double pivot? The Tallahassee reach around? I’d just like to see some goals this year.

Most active commenters of the week:

  1. gstommylee
  2. Trolltossin
  3. jupett
  4. sounderspeanut
  5. Disco_Stew

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