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Player Profile #24: Steve Zakuani

Unfortunately Zakuani will always be known for "that" tackle. The interruption in his development also colors our memories of just what kind of player he was, maybe even creating a mythology that he can never match again.

This is how he plays

Steve Zakuani started the season again, which was great. Then the team struggled, then he got injured and now we don't know what Zakuani we'll see when he comes back. This is also the first significant break-point in the community rankings as we enter the land of rotational players and stats that bear some meaning.

The advanced stats show per match averages for three of the components of sidereal's Crunchy Power Rankings at the individual level as well as where those averages ranked on the team.

#24 Steve Zakuani
Nat'l Affil Congo DR Age 25
Years Pro 5 Years Sounder 5
Pos/Role Left Wing, Forward
MLS (+Playoff) Stats CCL/USOC Stats Reserve Stats
Apps 8 3 1
Starts 6 2 1
Mins 492 172 90
G 0 0 0
A 1 1 0
PP/90 0.18 0.52 --
Advanced Stats
Off Pass % Net Shot Rate Net Duel Rate
Total 62% -2.33 0.37
Team Rank 10th 22nd 10th

#24 Steve Zakuani

In 2013 Zakuani started as a left wing, slipped in at forward and ended the season injured going through three different but related issues. One thing that may surprise you is that since coming back from the double fracture he's played just over a thousand minutes with two goals and three assists in all competitions. His accuracy is off, but his rate of fire is essentially the same.

Offense: Strong shorter passer who struggles a bit with high crosses. Can work triangles very well, especially as a way to break him free of a defender. Able to beat players on the dribble regularly. His accuracy with a shot is down, but he does still shoot. Does not hesitate from contact. Separates well. Needs to get the shot accuracy back to be a successful MLS forward or winger again.

Defense: Zakuani is among those players that does not track back well, is not a good 1-on-1 defender, can't pester effectively and should not be involved in set-play defense. He is a pure attacking winger or forward in these respects.

Physique: Few players in MLS are as known for their speed on the ball as Steve. He's not just fast, but slippery as well. He is not tall. Can get knocked off the ball by the rare defenders that can catch him.

Best Case 2014: If Steve stays with Seattle (he's out of contract) and Sigi stays with the Diamond (who knows?) his best position would be as one of the two forwards. He could possibly earn a starting role there as Henderson wants more speed on the pitch. Otherwise he fits well as an attacking mid in 4-1-3-2 or 4-2-3-1 formations.

2013 Ranking Player
24 Steve Zakuani
25 Eriq Zavaleta
26 Dylan Remick
27 Philip Lund
28 Will Bates
29 Sammy Ochoa
30 Blair Gavin
31 Ashani Faiclough
32 Doug Herrick
33 Andrew Weber
34 Andrew Duran
35 Josh Ford

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