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Open Flavor Fridays: Turkey Pot Pie

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This is your weekly non-soccer open thread

jeffreyw on

One of the best things about hosting Thanksgiving is that you have to figure out what to do with all of the leftovers. It's a race against time. Freezer burn and freshness challenge my ability to find time to cook. It's a race that I've figured out means I have to cook by the end of this weekend or I'm hosed. Usually the weekend after Turkey Day gets me pumping out two Turkey Pot Pies. One immediately for the freezer and one to enjoy the buttery and salty goodness of a Thanksgiving Dinner wrapped inside of dough. I use a recipe with carrots, peas and potato with a sauce that has just a bit of a dry white wine.

I'm now drooling.

What's your favorite way to enjoy leftovers? Are your's gone?

There's a bunch of awesome non-soccer stuff going on in Seattle today (Cano, Peterson, Pearl Jam) talk about it. Oh, and there's our party at Naked City Saturday. Beer, food, community. It's like heaven.