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MLS Cup Final - Gamethread

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This post is not as interesting as it could have been. Instead it is just a game between Real Salt Lake and Sporting Kansas City at 1 PM. Which networks have it? ESPN, UniMas, TSN2, RDS ,SiriusXM FC

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Both teams are trying to acquire their second MLS Cup. Real Salt Lake won theirs here in Seattle. Sporting Kansas City's was much longer ago, if a thing can be a long time ago in such a young league. Our partner sites have so much preview. It's hard to keep track really.

RSL SoapBox and those fine people are of course there. They've even done a travelogue.

TheDailyWiz has their StoryStream of greatness.

We have this thread to talk about the game and a viewing party that will probably be more about hanging out with the SaH community in a non-virtual environment than watching the game itself.

Let's have some fun. Let's watch a bit of this championship. Let's figure out how next year we can do this together in a space that is five hundred times the size of today's watch party.

This is your bittersweet MLS Cup Final gamethread.