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Major Link Soccer: NBC Ad, MLS Jerseys, James Riley

Plus, the wonderful Vancouver Soccer atmosphere isn't as welcome across the street at the Canuck's Rogers Arena.

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Tempers flared in the desert
Tempers flared in the desert
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The season is a mere 15 days away, and NBC is getting us all in the mood. The old biological clock is starting to indicate that it is indeed time for some marching. Our neon cathedral awaits.

Get the other side of the Sounders' Diamond Cup victory of the New England Revolution over at the excellent "Bent Musket". They weren't big fans of a certain Condiment Omnivore. Also in Sounders-specific land, we continue to get Joan Verdu news, regardless of whether there's any actual news to be had.

For all but the most iconic, The professional sports scene can be a harrowing experience. Even putting in 10,000 hours doesn't guarantee a stable situation. After finding himself in Los Angeles after a Sounders trade, James Riley is making an even longer journey to Washington DC. As always, best of luck to an O.S.FC (Original Sounder FC). Would you believe that acronym got through the A.A.C. (Acronym Approval Commission) in less than a week? Concerning true original Sounders, Roy Sinclair passed away January 12 at the age of 68.

Yet another former Sounder may have been on a Millionairos team bus that was recently bombarded with stones.

Seems that goal line technology still isn't quite ready to go for the 2013 MLS season, though indications are that this may be the last season without sensors and hockey sirens and air horns. There can be a thin line between three points and zero, and as the technology advances, every close call will be scrutinized.

Seattle's sports scene is an active and engaging one. The Sounders and Seahawks share the same (vocal) love. Key Arena was once known as the toughest place to play in the NBA. Once upon a time, the Mariners weren't (redacted). These days, despite their excellent success and huge ticket demand, attending a Vancouver Canucks game is akin to a church service. Can one be blamed for trying to liven up the party? It seems so, since the Southsiders don't appear to be welcome around Canada's sport.

It isn't just the men's game ramping up. The Seattle Reign and the rest of the league are beginning to shake off the doldrums of winter. Let's start with "16 Games to Watch for the Canadian WNT Supporter". Equalizer Soccer is impressed with the high target Reign FC is aiming for.

The announcement that we won't be seeing 2013's jerseys until mere days before the season starts has been frustrating to many, including myself. It is one thing to drum up hype, and another to frustrate. And with every day that passes, another kit gets leaked (including, probably, Seattle's). Meanwhile, Sounders fans are not the other ones that want kits a little more personal, with a perennial call for a representing Chicago third. It would certainly be better than the white walls of most alternate kits around the league.

In the run up to 2013, the collection of Colorado Rapids supporters groups have coalesced and coagulated into a single entity, "Centennial 38". And tickets are still available for the Hex round game in Commerce City. 45 bucks and a trip to the thrift shop will prepare anyone for a seat with the American Outlaws. It has been a while since the USMNT hasn't qualified for the World Cup. Read about the most recent instance here.

MLS isn't the only league looking to advance itself on the world stage, and their competition has a head start. Bundesliga is making inroads on the EPL and La Liga. With their 2012 international revenue at 97 million, they make the money. Nielson's ratings show that MLS isn't slouching either, in large part due to the draws Cascadia proves to be. And other leagues are recruiting more than just MLS' on-field talent.

Phoenix is inching closer to the beginning of a new era in Arizona soccer.

And finally, have you RSVP'd for our viewing party on March 6? Get on that.

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