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Sounders Beat RSL 1-0 in final preseason match

Preseason results don't matter, but the process was good. In 2013 the process was really good.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Behind the flair, yes the flair, of Alex Caskey, the Seattle Sounders FC beat Real Salt Lake in the Desert Diamond Cup Final. It was B-Team v A-minus team and Seattle was better. The attack was varied, the defense stout and old man Hahnemann? He was a star.

Winning a cup isn't always glory. Sometimes it is a preseason cup. Something from a thrift shop, a little bit a Cosby with a little bit a Rocky. But it is a Cup, even if minor.

Caskey assured Seattle of one of those. His goal was not one of effort. It was one of finesse. After a long ball and a one-touch pass Alex passed to himself and watched the defense fly by. He slotted it home with a casual celebration like he expects to score.

Seattle's B-team chased their dreams.

Labels out here,
Nah they can’t tell me nothing

Tonight's victory wasn't about labels. It was about a shift in attack. A demonstration of flexibility. A declaration that previous theories can't hold them. There are new paths to goal. It is not simple. No longer merely swing out right and a cross and a header. No longer getting it to a golden god and pray.

We give it to the people,
Spread it across the country

There is variety. Flank attacks from Lamar Neagle. Interior one-twos from Rose-Estrada-Ochoa. Inside, outside. A lot of this offseason has resulted in questions. The personnel don't seem right. There are questions about process. In this case the process looks fine. While RSL slipped aside and dealt with their cap room in their way, Seattle did what Seattle does.

Reload - declares that the MLS can't hold us.

Tonight is the night, we’ll fight till it’s over
So we put our hands up like the MLS can’t hold us

A team made up of rotationals, reservists and trialists was not contained. They used their paths to attack the goalmouth of Nick Rimando. They did it and won. Those benchies (honestly the benchies are a collection of MLS vets with some national teamers around CONCACAF) won. Depth may not win the MLS Cup, but it certainly sets up the regular season, the Open Cup and it indicates just maybe this team that weakened itself over the past few months is ready.

We came here to live life like nobody was watching
I got my city right behind me
If I fall, they got me then from that failure gain humility and then we keep marching ourselves

Rave on Seattle. March 2nd the quest for real trophies begins and those wearing your colors are ready. Are you?

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