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Sounder at Heart MLS Fantasy League

We finally got around to setting up an Fantasy League. You should join.

One of these guys is on my fantasy team. MY FANTASY TEAM.
One of these guys is on my fantasy team. MY FANTASY TEAM.
Steve Dykes

With's Fantasy League switching from Facebook only registration to many options (I used my personal twitter account) we are shifting the Sounder at Heart Fantasy League to their service. They also use a broader scoring system that rewards chance creation among other things so take a few moments to look at their scoring system.

This is a classic league rather than head to head. Considering the hundreds that participated in past years the head to head option seemed awkward. But please recruit people to your head-to-head leagues.

If you are looking for the league use the code: 9484-1855

Join us, join others and represent us as well. I only went with two Sounders on the roster and my third forward is who you think it is. That's one of the reasons I don't write about fantasy. Yes, we need a fantasy specific writer contact me (bedirthanaverage at gmail) if you'd like to do a weekly MLS Fantasy post. We have this. It will be a familiar writer to you. His first will probably be Friday.

You can also check Never Manage Alone, SB Nation's fantasy soccer blog. Go check their MLS bargains post.

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