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Injury Reports indicate lineup choices will be about strategy not new bodies

Sigi Schmid will face similar lineup options as he had in Wednesday's narrow loss.

How many of these three walk out on Tuesday night?
How many of these three walk out on Tuesday night?

Both Don Ruiz and Joshua Mayers relayed the injury status of the Sounders. The simple version is that the same players who were available Wednesday are still available while Estrada and/or Zakuani could be available. There may be changes though as Seattle Sounders FC needs to be more aggressive in leg two.

"We just have to be ready here, at home, to take it to them like they take it to us," Ezra Hendrickson summed up the game plan to Sounder at Heart after Friday's practice. "Meanwhile we can not just be crazy about it, leaving us exposed in the back."

That may mean some shifts in which personnel are used. The loss saw Sigi Schmid field more defensive options in three starting roles with Gonzalez, Scott and Caskey playing. The maximum shift with no changes in health would be Burch, Yedlin and Neagle. Giving up an away goal would change the tenor of the match quickly, so a full shift towards the attack is unlikely. But one or two of those starting should be expected. Seattle needs to create more chances.

Tigres continues to win in league play, but again used basically the same lineup as they did against the Sounders. Eventually that usage level and system of soccer will wear a team down, but they are only half way through their season and still comparatively healthy.

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