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Precipice of history - climb higher or fall down

In a week that promises Sounders fans news, analysis and mythology large and small it is important to remember that the CONCACAF Champions League match puts Seattle on the edge of history.

You sit on the edge. You have a choice. Forge on or fall down.
You sit on the edge. You have a choice. Forge on or fall down.
Madeira: Old and New

There's that whole Obafemi thing that will continue to develop. There's that Cascadia Cup match against the Wesen to the South that will generate interest for diehards and generalists both near and far. The weekend features Academy games and a Reserve match at Starfire Sunday.

But first up is a little match that could be as historic as any. It is opportunity, an opportunity fueled by the lineup choices of UANL Tigres, that should not matter.

"I don't care who they send. That's their issue, not mine," Adrian Hanauer said after practice. "We played effectively a reserve team in Monterrey two years ago and came out with a win, and I'm not sure they cared who we sent. So we want to do is win by two goals and not give up a goal. Whoever they put on the field is their issue."

Those choices were explained by former USMNT left mid/back Jonathon Bornstein to Don Ruiz. They were for the similar reasons why Seattle sent mainly reserves to most of their away legs in CCL play.

"I'm really not going to comment on that," Sigi Schmid said after practice. "I don't know the internal workings of their club or what their coach is thinking about obviously. They have a big rivalry game on the weekend just like we do. That's his determination as to where his team is fitness-wise and his preferences to travel. Those are his decisions. I got enough confusing stuff going on in my own head to not worry about his stuff."

It does not matter how you get to the edge. It is what you do when you reach it. The chance at history is there. No MLS side has advanced past a Liga MX club in the knockout stages. That fancy run by RSL? It stopped when they hit a team the caliber of Tigres. It stopped at home.

Since the Salt Lake loss in the 2010-11 CCL Final MLS sides are 4-9-1 -14 GD (3-3-1 -3 at home) against Mexican clubs. This is a hard road to climb. It is a difficult path. But, as they say "Past Success Not an Indicator of Future Earnings." Things have changed. There are some signature wins. Seattle is a part of that change.

So climb Brad! Climb you GAM! Climb our Captain! Defend those gates Cerberus! Take what you want Mr Honey Badger! Put on your LL Steve! Power up Mario! Be Sounders everyone!

A player signing with the team is not a history you choose. The players control the result on Tuesday night at 7 PM (FoxSoccer, 97.3 FM). They must get a two goal win to advance without overtime. One-nil goes to OT and maybe even PKs. Anything is falling off the cliff.

Anything else is forgoing the chance to write history as a victor and instead by another footnote.

This XI stands at a point. They can take the narrow path. That hard path that winds around other rocks and provides other challenges. They can climb higher.

There is a precipice, but there is a chance. Take it and make history.

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