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Major Link Soccer: Seattle Olympics, Rescinded Red

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The skyline could look a lot different in 2024
The skyline could look a lot different in 2024

The biggest news of the week is that Seattle is inquiring about looking into preliminary talks with advisory groups on the idea of making a bid for the 2024 Olympic Games. An idea I am FIRMLY behind. Yes, the Olympics are extremely expensive, and rarely (see: never) recoup their costs. But the event provides an opportunity for a city to do some truly great things, and it is a badge of honor that can never be rescinded. Finally, many of the transportation projects that have been languishing in legislation hell could be pursued. Light Rail would get that much-needed kick in the pants, as would other much-needed infrastructure improvements. What would be done about the Track and Field facility, I have no clue.

Herculez Gomez is ready to meet up with Seattle again in the Champions League, if this interview with Dynamo Theory is any indication. He talks about the back and forths he has had with Sounders fans, and how proud the team should be of their accomplishment in the previous round.

His counterpart in the Seattle-Santos series will be Obafemi Martins, who came on and immediately made an impact in his first Sounders match. That match gave fans an idea of what the team will look like for the rest of the season, with Zakuani crossing and Johnson finishing. Over 200,000 people tuned in to watch the 1-1 draw on TV, but some folks aren't impressed by the Cascadia Rivalry, Rocky Mountain Cup, or other western contests.

I was lucky enough to be there on opening night in 2009, the fourth anniversary of which occured this past week. After buying my set of Season Tickets on a whim, it became one of my great passions after just a single game. This article from remembers. Since that day, the Sounders have been a league leader in social media, a topic covered here.

We've all had a qualm or two about Ricardo Salazar in the past, but now he has made even the league pull their hair out. His red card to Chivas USA's Joaquin Velazquez was rescinded, and the player will be able to take part in their next match. Even without him, the depleted squd managed a 1-1 tie with the Galaxy. Their former DP David Beckham is still the highest-paid player in the world.

Speaking of the refs, the MLS Disciplinary Committee is making diving a special focus this season. A fantastic decision, since embellishment isn't always clear during the run of play but almost always is on the replay.

The US National Team that will be coming to Centurylink Field on June 11 will do so under a certain amount of scrutiny. That goes double for the leadership of Jurgen Klinsmann. Everyone has their own opinion on the situation.

It has been several years since St. Louis was a serious player in MLS expansion, but now there seems to be some movement in Missouri. The proposed location is within 3/4ths of a mile of two other major sports facilities in the city. There are some interesting renderings from a previous proposal shared in the story.

In Philadelphia, Jeff Parke's arrival has pushed Bakary Soumare out of the starting eleven, and he wants out. And the Red Bulls, missing the presence of Kenny Cooper, have added Peguy Luyindula to call defenders names in French with Henry. It appears they have also picked up (very) veteran goalkeeper Kevin Hartman.

Someone thought it wouldn't be a big deal to give a fascist salute to the fans. They thought wrong. Mail on Sunday has their first female sports editor. Presumably a recent or future article will detail the "situation" enveloping Qatar's World Cup. MLS has a new league-specific online magazine co-developed by the folks at Howler. Two calls went Kuwait's way in a friendly with Palestine, both called by Kuwaiti referees. Finally, a look at demographics in European Football.

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