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Major Link Soccer: Qualifiers, Sounders Licence Plates, Iraqi soccer

Plus, Don't expect significant improvements to Cascadia's rail service


After the classic game in Denver last week, the U.S. National Team continued to rebound from some particularly bad press with a draw up at Azteca. While the atmosphere didn't appear to be as wild as in past matches, it still resulted in a squad now tied for second in their group. Barring some particularly blatant corruption, it looks like the United States may be represented once again in the FIFA World Cup. Landon Donovan may even help out a bit, though I'm not sure that he was ever part of a team that went into Mexico City and won. Better win now though, while they can still get a good wage for winning. Some employees at the Qatar World Cup aren't getting what one would call a living wage. Finally, "Sno Fro" is interested in MLS, and it's not surprising that he is stirring up interest.

Elsewhere in World Cup news, the choice of BC Place for the Women's Championship match hasn't gone over well with many players, including Abby Wambach. The complaint is a familiar one here in Seattle. However, recreational players in the area aren't allowed to be choosey, even getting kicked off reserved fields.

The United States is the most diverse nation in the world, but MLS hasn't always reflected that diversity. Now though, the league includes players from more nations than any in North America. MLS also had great representation in the last round of qualifiers. See all the names here. Oh, and check out this article from Burgandy Wave reviewing one non Soccer fan and his feeling that MLS would be more popular if they went back to their late 90's quirks.

Some clubs have been hamstrung by injuries this season. The most notable of those may be the Rapids, who recently saw their entire roster go down in 34 separate incidents. Nick DeLeon at DC United got some bad news after that cracker of a weekend match, missing six weeks with a... hamstring... injury. Freddy Adu isn't hurt physically, but his pride may be bruised after failing out of the league. He's now on his way to Brazil.

In Sounders land, the New York Times is awfully impressed with DeAndre Yedlin. His right back predecessor has found a new home, which is in fact his old home. For any Sounder supporter checking out the housing market these days, picking up Fredy Montero's condo would be something special. It's right above one of my favorite sushi places! Seattle isn't the only team having trouble scoring goals. Those looking forward to seeing the fruits of those federal rail dollars may be disappointed with the upgrades that money bought (short version: Cascadia game days won't be getting any easier). nonprofit organizations are keeping an eye on the news that Sounders and Seahawks license plates may soon be available at 40 dollars a pop. Wonder if it would be possible to get the front plate for one team and the back plate as another. Portland's city council has inserted themselves into the Cascadia Cup trademark debate. Sounders academy players may not love Spring Break as much as some of their college compatriots do. Lastly, part of the initial success of the Sounders can indirectly be linked to Hurricane Katrina. Despite the wild success, even the best teams can see attendance drops when the team doesn't perform.

The Iraqi national team played together for the first time last week since 2009, and the event brought out some national pride. Moments like this won't be shown on Fox Soccer much longer, now that the channel is becoming FXX. Ready to take the reigns, NBC is beginning to make some hires for their coming EPL coverage.

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