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Sounders fall again as Salt Lake wins 2-1

The list of things that went wrong is long. The highlights limited to Gspurning's amazing saves and Evans scoring a goal.

Gspurning prevented a blowout, but it still wasn't a good game.
Gspurning prevented a blowout, but it still wasn't a good game.

Streaks end. It may be hard to remember, but Seattle Sounders FC have not lost back-to-back games in essentially two years. All it took to end that streak was starting nearly as strong a lineup (based on resume) as Seattle has and facing Real Salt Lake at home. That strong lineup, with quality defenders in the middle gave up more than two dozen attempts on goal.

Salt Lake did it from the middle, from the left, from the right, from dead balls and rapidly after turnovers. They created offense in every fashion it can be created. Seattle permitted that. The defense was honestly and truly lazy at times as they watched and hoped the ball would go over the line. It did not. RSL chased it down, created a chance on goal. Michael Gspurning is the only reason that match didn't end in a Bayern-esque seven goal blowout.

Seattle's offense was not good either. Outside of strong flank play by Steve Zakuani and DeAndre Yedlin the offense was static. Burch tried too often to serve a curling long ball over the top. It either did not curl, did not go long, or went straight into the Claret & Cobalt. Once upon a time the Sounders could serve a corner into the box - tonight they did not complete one.

A Yedlin cross to a Rosales lay-off to a Evans showed the type of play that is the current Route A, even if one of the particulars was abnormal. It did provide a burst of momentum and follow on things that can't be called chances, but at least were opportunities. Several times the ball was just a stretch away from being in a potent place.

Things got worse than just the bad defense and mediocre offense. Obafemi Martins left early and had an ice wrap on one knee. Eddie Johnson went down for some time and was subbed out. Brad Evans was gassed. With a vital home leg in the CCL upcoming Zakuani and Rosales both went 90. The chances they can do that again are quite limited.

To recap;

  • back-to-back MLS games without a loss streak - ended
  • defense was abused from all angles and only Gspurning prevented a crushing
  • offense failed to create from both typical Sounders play, as well as atypical
  • players got injured
So, yeah, that happened.

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