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MLS Fantasy: Meet Some New Features

Automatic subbing regardless of position and daily salary updates are two features that could change your Fantasy MLS strategy.

Performs like a forward, but uses a midfield spot
Performs like a forward, but uses a midfield spot
Chris Gardner

A pleasant surprise awaited when I logged into my fantasy team Monday morning. Although I had started an injured player (TFC's Luis Silva), the game had automatically subbed in my #1 reserve, Jeff Parke. What's amazing about this is that Luis Silva (middie) and Jeff Parke (defense) play different positions! As far as I can tell, this is a new feature for this year and should cover up for a lot of mistakes over the course of the year.

I'm sure many of you also woke up to some nice surprises, but that wasn't the only change that might affect your strategy.

Jeff Parke to the fantasy rescue!


In the past, I've always waited until the end of the week to transfer players, to guard against a midweek training injury. However, based on the way the league is updating player salaries, that might not be the best method anymore. Earlier this week I was looking at two players--Sebastien Le Toux and Diego Valeri--who were at $8.0. When I grabbed them tonight, they had each jumped to $8.1.

Since player salaries are updated nightly, it might be best to grab the players you want early in the week, before they jump too high.

Those were the two changes that caught my eye. Have you guys noticed anything different with the game this year?

Bonus content!! Midfield Replacements!!

Since I have to replace Mike Magee and Juninho this week, I'm also including a list of some midfield replacements that might help you use those two transfers to the fullest extent:

  • Sebastien Le Toux, PHI ($8.1 ) -- Listed as a midfielder and a good price.
  • Diego Valeri, PDX ($8.1) -- Wow -- he looked good. Six shots, three on goal, and a goal.
  • Shea Salinas, SJ ($8.0) -- Mr. Salinas has been asked to shoulder more of the offensive load in San Jose and scored big in the bonus categories on Matchday 1.
  • Oriol Rosell Argerich, SKC ($6.6) -- Uri looked a solid replacement to replace Roger Espinoza and a much better fantasy option than the aging Nagamura in SKC's engine room.
  • Keon Daniel, PHI ($6.0) -- I don't think I've seen Daniel play as well as he did against Sporting KC Saturday. His assist to Le Toux was a touch of left-footed magic.
  • Andrew Jacobson ($5.5) -- A 90 minutes/game player for FC Dallas, which is a team that could surprise some people

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Congrats to Greg McDonald and his Incredibles, who sit atop the SaH league after a strong 97-point performance to start the year. Enjoy it, sir!

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