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Major Link Soccer: Enemy Analysis, Taking notice of Yedlin

Yedlin drew praise for his first outings, even if he didn't draw... draws...

Yedlin's first impression on Major League Soccer has gone far beyond the stylings of his hairdresser.
Yedlin's first impression on Major League Soccer has gone far beyond the stylings of his hairdresser.

DeAndre Yedlin was a MLS darling after his performance in week one, drawing rave reviews for his pace and tackling (if not for his crossing). We're talking Rookie of the Week from Soccer By Ives, and a member of the Starting XI at It's hard not to take notice of the hair.

His performance wasn't enough to avoid a surprising week one loss to a team that might make some noise in the Eastern Conference. Here's the view on the match from Mount Royal Soccer. Typically there'd be a space here looking at the upcoming opponent, but Portland has a league game this weekend by virtue of avoiding the Champions League last year.

In other Seattle-centric news, the Alliance logged their first minutes of 2013, a study shows what we already know regarding the level of soccer support in Seattle,and check out what may be my favorite TIFO in ECS' MLS history. Finally, let's play a little game: find the Sounders organization member in this article about the recent MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.

Overall, the 2013 season has launched as a great success, with momentum the league can build on. However, there is one major issue causing headlines around MLS; the empty seats at the now newly-renamed Stub Hub Center. Chivas USA opened their season in front of a mere 7,000 fans, and the post-Beckham LA Galaxy managed well under their five year average for their own home opener at 20,000. The commisioner has promised to help Chivas figure out their place in LA. On the Galaxy front, the same group that owns David's new club, PSG, is looking at purchasing AEG Sports group, and everything that comes with it. That would include the Lakers, Kings, and the Staples Center, as well as the Galaxy and Dynamo.

Another point of emphasis is growing the TV market, and the next benchmark MLS has to meet is that of their NBC Sports bretheren in the NHL. One strategy might be expanding the MLS footprint, specifically to the southeast. But can a return to Miami work? looks at a few more moves the league could make to improve their standing.

Our long-suffering friends in Toronto have a nice, convenient punching bag in the form of Director of Player Personel Earl Cochrane, who found an image of himself posted to twitter by Julian deGuzman. find the reaction here.

15 year-old Crew Stadium is approaching a crossroads, as the former bellweather for Soccer Specific MLS Stadiums becomes increasingly obselete.

See where "Corrupt Guy" stands on Grant Wahl's list of the ten most powerful people in the world of soccer.

Finally, a fascinating anecdote on how MLS fandom can grow over time. In a world as interconnected as soccer, it only takes a player transfer or a nice comment to turn a Honduran into a casual New England Revolution fan. And from there, anything can happen.

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