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Major Link Soccer: EPL Adopts Goal Line Tech

The Jones' have set a new trend. And like in that film, MLS will go broke trying to keep up.

In, or out? Clearly out.
In, or out? Clearly out.
Stephen Dunn

Football has replay. Hockey has replay. Basketball has replay. Even BASEBALL has replay. Now, one league in the world's game has caught up to BASEBALL, kinda. EPL has crossed their E and dotted their L on contracts to implement goal-line technology, hopefully beginning to fix an issue that occurs, like, once every 400 club matches (and twice every World Cup).

Recommendations come from all corners with the intent of "fixing" MLS. I think Australia is a new one. This article comes from The Atlantic, so it may very well be an article designed to entice clicks. I don't recommend (or even condone) clicking on the article for that reason, so here's all you need to know about it. According to Jean-Paul Pelosi, the Seattle-Portland rivalry is "blossoming" (like a blooming onion I'd imagine), but lacks the real animosity of a true rivalry.

MLS has been eliminated from the Champions League, ending perhaps the league's best chance to move on to the world stage. It's now clear the league will never win it. Actually, it will. Probably. Never is a long time. Like, at least an hour of C-SPAN. It's going to be a while before Seattle gets another taste of that third competition. Unlike Omar Gonzalez and the LA Galaxy,

Alliance Council voting is live again, so if you want to make a difference to your community, all you have to do is standardize your beliefs to fit those around you, and have access to lots and lots of cash. That's how these elections work, right?

Abby Wambach is barking mad about the playing surfaces of the 2015 Women's World Cup, particularly the final in Vancouver. Is she right to say that the men would never accept a similar situation? Also in lady news, Turkey may see the first ever female head coach in their top league's history. Also, Here's the kit sponsor for the Seattle Reign. Team owner Bill Predmore is disappointed with ticket sales, perhaps not surprising considering the team will be missing all but one of their "stars".

The USMNT has gained some headlines due to their Qualifier success, and that has moved them up the FIFA World Rankings to 28.

Finally, here's a wonderfully useful tool for following the Sounders (and other clubs) on twitter, called TweetsFC.

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