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Osvaldo Alonso unlikely to ever suit for US National Team

It is a dream of many Sounders fans that the Cuban-American will someday wear the Red, White & Blue. Yesterday Jurgen Klinsmann made it clear how difficult that would be.

Otto Greule Jr

Jurgen Klinsmann was in Seattle to check out the training facilities, talk to Sigi, look at two of his players (they're injured) and get a feel for the game experience here. At half time he spoke to the media. There were not many surprises. Seattle gets to see the United States in World Cup Qualifying because the organization here is willing to lay temporary sod. Portland was not and so gets the Gold Cup.

He also talked about Osvaldo Alonso and explained a bit more of the process for the national team switch from Cuba to America.

"We've followed his situation with big interest. Unfortunately, the Cuban side isn't responsive at all," the USA coach said. "We need their help in a certain way to get him cleared from Cuba. It is more like an administrative and governmental issue which we have no influence on it. I wish I could have brought him into January camp, and he knows that. Obviously, I'm in touch with Sigi and Adrian here all the time. He deserves a chance. He deserves a possibility, but it's not in our hands, unfortunately. If Cuba is not giving a clearance, it's not giving us a bit of help, FIFA is kind of strict in those matters. We're on it, but no movement so far."

The US and Cuban governments are not on the friendliest of terms. Getting Cuba's help with a player that took efforts to turn his back on Cuba is highly unlikely.

Alonso's lack of a call has nothing to do with his ability. Klinsmann compared him to Beckerman, who regularly gets time and made it clear that the USA wants Alonso. They just can't have him.

"He would have been part of our January camp, but unfortunately, we can't bring him in."

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