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Major Link Soccer: Montero Update

Would retaining Montero have solved our scoring woes?

Fredy, we miss you(?)
Fredy, we miss you(?)

During the recent Sounders scoring draught, it isn't unreasonable to look to the guy who led the team in goals for three of their four years. FREDY... Montero. Would this team's terrible luck tickling the back of the net continue with Montero up top? Possibly. He has scored only three goals in his nine starts with Millionarios, and didn't get on the board in their most recent match against Santa Fe.

There have been some bad manners at MLS matches this weekend. While celebrating a goal, George John was hit with a bottle hurled from the stands. Thanks to the television feed, they appear to have caught the perpetrator. Additionally, Alan Gordon appears to have said something he shouldn't have in San Jose's loss in Portland. I'm not compelled to find the exact words he used, but I'm sure someone driven enough could go find out on Twitter or whatnot.

The other American professional soccer leagues have kicked off. Pittsburgh lost their home opener to Harrisburg (the irrational Seahawks fan in me couldn't be happier) and San Antonio dropped their first game at home to Tampa Bay in front of over 8,000 fans. Many of us watched (or tried to watch) the Reign home opener, not knowing just how little those players are getting paid. Additionally (it's not American soccer, but) the Italian Football Federation has received a request to copy MLS in adding their reserve squads to the lower levels of Italian Football.

Between Soccer and Baseball, which sport is more dismissive of advanced stats? To be fair, Baseball is easier to boil down, since each play happens in a span of seconds with only a handful of variables. Soccer on the other hand, is beholden to something of a butterfly effect. (Still, in Baseball, there is a place for old-schoolers. Cabrera was deserving of the MVP trophy).

Check out this article about soccer corruption involving some big bucks.

Socceristas in Palestine are burning Barcelona jerseys after news broke of a Barca friendly in Israel.

To finish, I'm going to spell Shalrie Joseph's name correctly for the first time. Shalrie. Shalrie. Shalrie. Sharlie. DAMN IT.

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