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Major Link Soccer - Wednesday Game, Gomez Opines for Home

Bring the world to Miami. That is the plan of one rich individual and Fox Sports 1. Not the clandestine aircraft.

Herculez Gomez. Sponsored by Gatorade.
Herculez Gomez. Sponsored by Gatorade.
Otto Greule Jr

Wednesday offers MLS fans a chance to lighten the mood a little with a now-rare midweek game featuring Sporting KC and New York. In KC, the team had a weekend off and enters New Jersey rested and ready. ( Meanwhile, Red Bulls supporters are cheering the goal-scoring of new defender Jamison Olave (Once a Metro). One blogger is already on record predicting KC will win, despite Red Bulls having the home field advantage (SportsChatPlace).

The Seattle Reign had a scheduled rendezvous with the Haitian national team this week, but the pitch they were meant to play on was in less than ideal condition. So that didn't happen. Also not happening was the live feed of their inaugural match in Chicago, for which the team has released an apology.

Think Herculez Gomez would look good back in a Sounders kit? So does Gomez. While not mentioning any cities in particular by name, he is interested in coming back to play in MLS at some point (though isn't sure when, or where). However, his rights may still be reserved by Kansas City. Sigi would surely love to have a player of Gomez' quality, if just to institute some consistency (a factor in the struggles of the Sounders to date).

Kelyn Rowe, local product, played for New England in Saturday's match, but that may have only been the second most exciting thing he did that weekend. As evidenced by the always relevant and useful Instagram, Rowe had his number retired at his former high school.

The news on the DC stadium front is still flexible, but it appears that Maryland is once again an option for the storied club. Many have said "anything but RFK", but I'm not sure that Baltimore is what they meant.

Brazil has promised over and over again that the situation will be stable and safe next year when they host the 2014 World Cup, but people have rightly had their doubts. Those worries weren't quelled this week when two fans were killed in a test run for one of their stadiums. Anyone who has seen City of God (second best movie ever made) reacts to this news with an expectant nod.

Speaking of World Cups, a businessman in Florida wants to put together an "International Champions League" bringing together a team from each of England, Spain, Italy, Germany, an MLS club, and two others (which I suppose would represent all of Asia, Australia Africa, and South America?) It's part of a push to bring MLS back to South Beach.

To finish our coverage this week, we have a trio of features from around MLS' corner of SB Nation. The first includes one Dallas writer's opinion on what is going wrong with the Sounders. The second has Hot Time in Old Town look at what they can do to minimize the negative impacts of a suburban stadium. The third is Portland's look at the implications of NBC's new soccer schedule.

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