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Injury Update: All healthy

No, seriously, Sigi Said that Thursday was the first time everyone was healthy and practicing. Everyone. Healthy. Practicing. Obafemi was not quite a full participant.


Yesterday was a big day for the Seattle Sounders. It was the first time in 2013 that every player was able to practice. This will be the first time that Sigi Schmid gets to pick his XI and 18 based off tactical needs and form. He was asked if the extra rest after Saturday's match against the Colorado Rapids would be a concern.

"We held Brad out last week because we wanted to make sure we didn’t throw him back into it. At this stage right now, it shouldn’t affect anybody per se, but that’s still something we’ve got to talk about and see how guys recover from today and see what their numbers look like," Schmid answered.

Friday will be that final determination. This is still the healthiest the team has been.

"I think it’s the first time, because even when we had the one group together the one day with Oba [Martins], [Pat] Ianni still wasn’t back in the group. So this was the first time we’ve had all the players out and participating in training. It was a good feeling," Schmid said. "Some of the things we worked on today I thought were good. The timing was off a little bit, obviously, because the people are a little bit different, but it was enjoyable."

Eddie said he's ready to play.

"It felt good. I did 11 v 11 today with the team and was able to make some runs in behind," the forward told media yesterday. "I'm feeling good and looking forward to the game. It's been frustrating not being out there with the team, or being out there and not being 100 percent."

Not everyone is 100%. The Friday session and the numbers generated from it will still influence the decision, but everyone is close.

"Everybody pretty much did everything," Sigi said yesterday. "We held Oba for a little bit—we just wanted to make sure he’s OK—then we put him into the 11-v-11, as well, at the end and had him go full out and the goals in tight. Now it’s just a matter of how people respond tomorrow. Eddie [Johnson] and a few guys came out and trained yesterday, even though it was an off-day, so Eddie was one of those guys. Brad [Evans] feels fine at this stage, as well. Patrick Ianni is very close, maybe just lagging behind on fitness a little bit. Everybody is pretty close right now."

Friday's news is that there is no change from yesterday.

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