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Major Link Soccer: Ultra Sanctions, Intra-League Loans

It's good to see teams take quick, strong action against behavior that could limit groups around the league


Last week, San Jose's supporters group got in an eensy bit of trouble when they visited Portland. Now, the Earthquakes have taken action. No more traveling, no more smoke bombs, no more naughty words. It's going to be a different group for a while. It's just a shame that they didn't ban tasteless tifo.

Speaking of trouble, that bottle-hurler from the Dallas game a few weeks ago has earned himself an "indefinite ban", so we'll find out when they're definite on their decision. Hold on, I'm being told that "indefinite ban" means that he's not coming to games until they allow him to again. What IS definite is Dallas' decision to go away from selling beer in bottles next year.

MLS has created new "intra-league loan rules" that will allow teams to loan young players to other teams to get them some experience. Perhaps Chivas will get some money for sending their players off, rather than just being a Farm Team.

Seattle won a league match for the first time this year, getting the squad of the... schneid? Chnid? shindig? It's good. It's a good thing. Steve Zakuani appreciates playing in this match, almost two years to the date since his injury in the stadium. Also grateful was Shalrie Joseph (I almost did it again!), who had not been on a winning squad since the middle of last year. How many games did he play in without three points? Click the link to find out. Hint: It is a big number.

Osvaldo Alonso wasn't the first Cuban soccer player to defect, and he wasn't the last. In fact, a trio of Cuban National Team players left their group in a Toronto hotel quite recently. Cuba might actually have a decent squad if Alonso and others were still around to play for them. Maybe that's why they've got sand in their undies about Alonso's USMNT eligibility. Now that Kyle Beckerman is out for at least a week, Alonso is far and away the top CDM in the league.

Finally, we have one article looking into the value of the Supporter's Shield, and another analyzing the soccer-specific stadium craze as it spreads to the lower leagues.

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