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Injury Update: Eddie Johnson returning, Obafemi Martins on path back

After the bye week the team is healthier, but only in a relative sense, as players throughout the depth chart still have nagging injuries or are not quite healed.


Bye weeks are a time of healing, but there is no magic spray or spell that gets players back to full health after X days off. Today's Seattle Sounders FC practice session saw a few players either not participate or participate in limited capacity. Sigi Schmid gave the breakdown on the various players with issues at this point.

Obafemi Martins - Oba's on the plan, in terms of what we did with him last Wednesday so he's progressing as we thought he should, probably a little bit ahead.

Djimi Traore - We wanted to go easy on last week, we wanted him to a do a little bit of warm up and extend him a bit and he did that today.

Marc Burch - He's also much better. He was able to come out here today and do some stuff, but didn't do much we'll learn more tomorrow.

Josh Ford - We've decided to back off of him a little bit. He had a little bit of swelling in his knee so we wanted to back off for two or three days with him.

Eddie Johnson - I thought he trained well last week and he has to continue to go on that and if there's no setbacks he should be able to go this weekend.

Johnson also spoke with the media.

"I feel good. I feel confident. I'm at the standpoint that it's behind me. I'm looking forward to getting back out there."

Rather than play through pain and maybe hurt himself more he felt this was a good time to rest, let the depth on the team play and get ready to go full speed sooner.

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