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Sounders Entertain Masses, Brand Steer 4-2

Sigi's face looks good burned into the skin down on the ranch

Jane G Photography

A few minutes into stoppage time, when the result was surely in hand, the nearly 39,000 in attendance at Centurylink Field began to break out in joyous celebration. Clapping and cheering and singing reverberated all around the building, enjoying what must surely be the greatest offensive explosion in the team's history. Fitting on the 33rd anniversary of the eruption of Mt. St. Helens that the Seattle Sounders would go on to score their 11th goal in 15 days.

Eddie Johnson was the fulcrum of success yet again on this day, getting on the sheet in the 16'. On a goal kick that was flicked on from the head of Ozzie Alonso, Eddie had two defenders to beat. So of course, he simply slipped between and muscled past them, then striking it into the right of the net to start the party.

The momentum could have been lost when Osvaldo Alonso left 30 minutes in (more on that later) but between him coming up lame and Shalrie Joseph replacing him, Lamar Neagle ran onto a ball from Brad Evans and dribbled around the keeper for goal number two. It seemed like a carbon copy of last week was in the books.

But though the book was out on FC Dallas and their free kick prowess, the Texas team still put two on the board to even things up. You know the 70's movie when something bad would happen and the record would scratch? That was exactly what happened. Momentum had been stalled, and the future of the match was in doubt.

Eddie Johnson was having none of that. Lamar Neagle beat Dallas' shaky back line with yet another through ball, and Johnson displayed his top form by circling the keeper and shooting right into the ceiling of the net. The Fonz hit the juke box again, the trouble-makers were tossed (rightfully or otherwise) and the party went on.

Once Obafemi Martins put the fourth goal away, the result was little more than a formality. It just reinforced the wonderful problem Sigi will face for the next few weeks, struggling to find time for all the goal scorers this team suddenly has. It took them seven matches to score four goals. But now they have three forwards with at least three goals, and the pitch isn't big enough for all of them. Another DP is coming off the bench (and kicking ass at his reduced job). The local boy is doing everything from finishing to facilitating. The Grown Ass Man is just being a Grown Ass Man.

The loss of Osvaldo Alonso was felt, and will continue to be felt, until he recovers from what appears to be a groin pull. Those are not at all fun. He could be out for a month, he could be out even longer. But where losing Alonso in the past would be the kiss of death, the Sounders appear prepared to weather his loss quite abley. Joseph and Servando Carrasco got the job done today, and there's no reason to think they won't continue to in the future.

Get used to this Sounders squad. This is the team we've been waiting for. And they are prepared to do things that no club before them has matched.

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