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Levy Films captures Lamar Neagle's goal

The long-promised Sounders documentary is finished, but Levy Films is still collecting footage on occasion. They happened to be at Saturday's game.

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At some point in the hopefully near future, Levy Films will release their Seattle Sounders documentary. We've teased you with many clips and I'm assured it's quite unlike anything ever put together in American sports. At the very least, it promises to be a new kind of look as well as something truly beautiful.

In the meantime, Director Scott Levy is still collecting footage on occasion. He happened to be at Saturday's game against FC Dallas and happened to be right behind the goal where Lamar Neagle scored.

His super-high speed camera was able to capture some moments that are hard to appreciate at full speed. The accuracy of Neagle's touch that allowed him to round goalkeeper Raul Fernandez, the way he runs through getting his heels clipped and how he looks back to gauge how much time he has before the defender arrives. It's this kind of stuff we can expect to see more of whenever the documentary gets a final thumbs up.

As the video is not going to be part of the final film, Levy also made it downloadable so that you can add your own soundtrack.

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